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The 201

Skye House & Waukazoo Gardens

The 201 is a historic home located in the village of Northport Michigan.  For 151 years it has stood on the corner and watched history unfold. Today, The 201 is ready for guests!

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Northport makes a great day out for visitors of all ages, but there’s so much to do here that we guarantee one visit just won’t be enough.  We hope you will add us to your list of places you must see. 


The Historic House

Background and History

The 201 is a well-renowned Historic House situated in the Village of Northport.  Also kown as Skye House and Waukazoo Gardens, the home embraces a refreshing look at the past while embracing all the modern Amenities.

This home considered to become one of the most visitor-friendly historic sites in the region and offers a fascinating introduction into the history of this area.


The home was built in 1877 by a local lumber baron WIlliam Gill for his wife Martha. Craftsmen of the highest level were employed in its creation using both local and imported materials.   If you look closely you will notice exquisite details such as the detailed carvings on the marble fireplace, the art deco door knobs, and detail on the Ladys monogrammed silverware.

The home has evolved over 6 genertions and reflects the lifestyle, taste and interests of each generation.  A rotating collection of over 100 years of art and objects can be seen in the main house. 

As well as its role as a popular attraction, The 201 also hosts events and is an important focal point for the local community. To find out more about The 201, please get in touch or visit us in person. We look forward to welcoming you.

Old Window

Discover The201

From the moment we open to the moment we close, there’s always something happening at The 201.

Whether you take one of our online guided tours or just explore on your own, we guarantee know you will havea wonderful time.


The 201 is partnering with local ecologists, naturalists, historians, artists, craftspeople and more to develop a community immersive experience.


Guided Tours

Online Tours are being developed as part of our complete restoration project.   

Please stop by our site again soon to see how it is progressing. 


Guided Tours

Our project manager is working with local ecologists to develop gardens that that will be a living example os good stewardship as well as offering a beautiful stroll. 

We anticipate offering both digital and in person tours in 2023.


Explore What’s On

Events at The201

Half Full Moon

Private Tour

Private tours will be allowed after we porgress further into the restoration project.

Digital tours are anticipated as becoming available perhaps as early as May 2023.

Art Gallery

Special Exhibition

We will be hosting a series of digital exhibits of the collections.

Working with local historians and knowledgable people will share some of the wonderful collections that has remained in our family for over 150 years.  This will be the first time these collections will be made visible to the public.

Female Presenter

Guest Lectures

As the carers for this generation of Skye House & Waukazoo gardens, we firmly believe in the integration and symbiotic relationship between the house, the townspeople and future generations.  

To this end, we will seek to bridge the gaps by creating inclusive opportunities for sharing the rich history of this region and home by sponsoring local Talks that will be shared via digital media. 

Half Full Moon

Private Stays

Skye House will be opened outside the family for seasonal rentals.


We look forward to offering stays in the village that will be remembered fondly forever. 

Enjoy Skye House, the gardens and a host of memorable experiences available on the lake and throughout Leelanau County. 


Want more information about all the events at The201? Check back often to see the latest developments and events.

Getting Here

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