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The Historic House

Background and History

Skye House is a well-renowned Historic Home situated in the Village of Northport.  The home embraces a refreshing look at the past while embracing all the modern Amenities.

The home was built in 1877 by lumberbaron William Gill for his wife Martha.  William and his son created Gills Pier.  Their offices were located in what is now the Happy Hour restaurant.  He had offices and a store in what is now New Bohemian Café.  The great lakes ship "The Alice Gill" was named after his granddaughter.  The current generation of owners view themselves as stewards of something that was here before them, and will be here long after they are gone.  The 2020  thru 2027 restoration and development of the home and grounds is being collectively directed and overseen by the family.  It is currently on track to be passed on to, and preserved by, the 8th generation.

The home has evolved over 6 generations and reflects the lifestyle, taste and interests of each generation.  A rotating collection of over 100 years of art and objects can be seen in the main house. 

As well as its role as a popular attraction, Skye House also hosts events and is an important focal point for the local community. To find out more about The 201, please get in touch or visit us in person.  We look forward to welcoming you.

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